5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing the Right Valentine’s Day Gift

by Jenny Li
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5 Things You Should Know Before Choosing the Right Valentine’s Day Gift

Nothing is more stressful than shopping for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.
How do you pick the right gift for the one in your life? Before you pick her a gift, here are 5 tips for you.

1. You need to give her something to cluck over.

Keep in mind that women always compare their Valentine’s Day gifts, cards and experiences with their friends and colleagues. The women always do a play by play for each other, so you need to step up. You definitely don’t want your gal to be the gal by the water cooler who has nothing to brag about. You need to give her something to cluck over. And the water cooler winners are not always the ones who get the most expensive gift or were taken to the fanciest dinner. The admired woman by the water cooler is always the one who tells the most romantic story about her Valentine’s Day evening that is met with the most “Ohhhhhs and Ahhhhs” about how sweet and adorable you were. Can you be that guy?

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2. Choose a place you know she’ll like even though it might not be your favorite.

 Has she mentioned any new restaurants lately? Is there one restaurant that you know is her “go to” place? What restaurant brings fond memories?
Valentine’s Day is hump day this year - no pun intended. My advice is to set a future date for this special dinner. It gives your gal something to look forward to!

3.  If you can’t spend a lot of money, go with a creative and sentimental gift.

Some good ideas are things like a handmade gift certificate redeemable for one back massage or a gift certificate redeemable for 5 “non- veto-able” movie choices. Or sprinkle rose pedals and Hershey kisses all over the bedroom and have a bubble bath drawn in a candle lit bathroom. Or make a mix CD of all of your honey’s favorite songs but remember it’s about his or her favorites, not yours! Gifts don’t have to be expensive to be romantic.

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4.Your partner’s preference

Probably by now you already know the line of your partner’s preferences and likings. Therefore, the gifts should have a detail of what they love so that they can appreciate more. It is not health to buy someone a gift in line with something they do not like or have a bad memory about. However, people who have just started dating may have a hard time trying to make a decision, but it is possible to pick hints even during first meeting or during conversations.

5. Please choose the right size/colors or this gift will backfire.

If you want to gift her cosmetics or clothes. Think about it: Where does she shop? You’ll see the same stores over and over again. Next, go to her closet. What items does she wear the most? What size? What color? What brand? You’ll see the pattern.

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by Jenny Li


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