5 Key Features to upgrade your home office

by Mia Hu
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5 Key Features to upgrade your home office

Create a comfortable environment

Creating a comfortable environment  is extremely important,which can improve your work efficiency.You can make it according to your preferences.Having a good office environment is a prerequisite for working at home.


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Set up the proper lighting

Lighting is important to avoid eye strain and can also set a great mood to get into work mode.A hallmark of a happy, productive work environment is a simple soft light desk lamp.
Spending the whole day working from home can leave you with a headache by the time the sun begins to set.Upgrading your home office lighting is a simple way to mitigate this problem.

table lamp with warm light






Pick a desk you like

Your desk also needs to have enough space to fit everything and some additional storage where you can put away things that you don’t use that often.There are two choices of the desk :a sit desk and a stand desk.You should choose a desk which you like,because it can help you focus on your work. Getting up and moving around throughout your workday is essential for maintaining productivity and energy levels.

Choose a suitable chair

When you primarily work from home, you spend a lot of time sitting at your desk,so choosing a comfortable chair becomes very necessary.You can also customize the chair according to your size and needs.

Place some green plants

A nice, green plant will help you upgrade your office in several ways.It can provide you with extra oxygen and keep you connect to nature. You can choose some plants that don’t require a lot of sunlight and are simple to maintain.What is more,you can relax yourself with these green plants which you place in your office at home.

by Mia Hu


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