5 Interesting Halloween Home Decor Ideas

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5 Interesting Halloween Home Decor Ideas

Halloween is a great time of the year and it is a great excuse to come up with great décor ideas to enhance the whole experience. There are 5 ideas for home decor, ranging from spooky to fun, that you could implement in your home during this enjoyable seasonal event.

1. DIY Mason Jar Decorations

Halloween lighting

 Creating your own personalized decorations is a great way of enjoying Halloween. The beauty of mason jars is that they are easily available and can be converted into attractive decorations using some creativity and DIY knowledge. For instance, you could come up with an attractive container for candy using a mason jar. Simply wrap some glittery embossing paper around the mouth of the jar and drape the rest of it in mesh netting of your choice. You could add some stickers to complete the look. In addition to this you could also paint the jar with Halloween themed designs and use some easily available materials like gauze, Styrofoam, moss and twigs to create creepy looking set ups within the jars. There are plenty of ideas that you could implement using mason jars so don’t limit yourself to designs that you have seen before.

2. Neighborhood Watch

Halloween Windows decor

These colorful creatures can keep an eye on the neighborhood even when you're not home. Print the templates, then trace and cut them out from contact paper.

3. Flame Effect Illumination

Halloween flame bulb

Create a spellbinding scene by wrapping Halloween lights in your trees to create an eye-popping haunted forest. This kind of display is increasingly popular because it adds a new twist to the look and feel of Halloween. Not only are purple, green and orange light wrapped trees a unique Halloween decorating idea, but Trick or Treaters will love the colorful glow!

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Halloween lighting

4. DIY Bat Branch Centerpiece

halloween bat decor

These are probably the easiest accessories to craft at home and they have a great effect on the overall Halloween décor in your home.  Backyard twigs and branches form an easy base for this bat centerpiece.

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halloween bat

5. Halloween Vampire Cocktail

halloween cocktail

Vampire Cocktail is the perfect spooky Halloween drink. Syringes filled with sweetened raspberry puree look gory, but taste amazing! I’m not lying when I tell you this drink tastes really good. I guarantee it will be the hit of any Halloween party.

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