5 Design Ideas for your living room

by Aneeza Sehrish
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5 Design Ideas for your living room


Light is a vital source of luminosity and vigour, which has a tremendous impact on human life. Symbolising progress, hope, and renaissance, Home Decoration is directly related to lighting. The whole of your interior décor, particularly that of a living room, could go to waste if not complemented by the right light.

Furthermore, good lighting brings a sense of peace and harmony in the atmosphere. It elevates the positivity in the air and contributes to the well-being of those under its influence. Consequently, the fact that placing some good lamps in the living room or bedroom will make it incredibly cosy and comfortable is undeniable.

A Masterpiece

The yellow hydrangea lamps by Epdesignlab.com  is a remarkable handcrafted piece of art. A chic and artistic way to enlighten your surroundings. The beautiful bulb is made up of high-quality organic resin material. Even the long hourly usage will not create any harmful effects. It gives 100,000 and over functional hours, which makes it pocket-friendly. The estimated power potential is 3-watts, which is a reasonably good amount of light.

Futuristic Design

Futuristic lighting is essential for modern home decorations. The resin table décor ambient night light lamps is a visionary example of modern art. The unique cube-shaped lamps look extra voguish when placed on your table. The dimensions are 7×7×16, which is a reasonable size for table lamps. It is quite light-weighted, weighing only 800 gms. The warm white light creates a stress-free ambience. The diversity of the colour temperature and shape of this lamp makes it a perfect gift.

Fire and Ice


The limited-edition led bulb tango by epdesignlab.com is a unique combination of stunning artworks. The LED bulb is quite efficient in the output, which is approximately 3watts. The screw mouth makes it easy to install and fits in most of the pieces of home decorations. Being a limited edition light source, it is an ideal gift for someone you love dearly. It can last up to 100,000 working hours, which makes it quite economical.

A Touch of Flare

The solar system effect led bulbs are hand-painted with intricate solar patterns. These bulbs emit warm and soft lighting, making them ideal for nurseries as well as bedrooms of small children. The durability of these bulbs is quite promising. They won’t break instantly on falling. The strong wooden base serves as a resting place and, makes it easier to install the bulb anywhere.


Tangerine Bling

    Epdesignlab.com design some of the most exquisite pieces of artworks in the form of bulbs. Home Decoration needs to be fueled up after some time. They are, indeed, a massive source of beautiful and economical led lighting. The resin-made organic lamps are eco-friendly and safe to use for long hours. The screw mouth led bulbs are easy to install and fits in a lot of spaces. You can easily convert these bulbs into lamps with a wooden base.


    by Aneeza Sehrish


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