5 Creative Dorm Room Decor Ideas for Guys

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5 Creative Dorm Room Decor Ideas for Guys

You don't get a lot of creative control over a dorm room, so your decor is where you can really make it your own.  This Dorm Essentials list features a selection of 5 creative dorm supplies and cool college dorm stuff that we just didn't want you to miss. 

1. Industrial Rustic Iron Pipe Bookshelf 

bookshelf for dorm

Simple, neat, unique, creative, and you even don't have to clean dust on your bookshelf, this is the very bookshelf you are looking for your dorm.

2.Bloody Bath Mat – Color Changing Sheet Turns Red When Wet 

bath mat for dorm

Don't be fooled by imitation bloody mats with painted footprints, this bath mat sheet is the only real product that color changes. It really turns red when wet! Water does not soak into the sheet, but instead appears to change color bleeding when in contact with your mat. The blood red color will begin to disappear in minutes and eventually fades away completely turning your mat back white again. 

Hide your Bloody Bath Mat and watch the horror on your roommate's face . 

3. Blackboard for dorm 

dorm decor

Get rid of those common and boring wall paper, get a blackboard for your dorm and start designing it by your self. You can change you room style everyday as you wish, creatively.

blackboard for dorm

4. Turn a shoebox and magnifying glass into a smartphone projector

bedroom projector

 A phone based projector is a great way to show off your mobile photos and your phone hack savvy. Just picture laying in bed browsing your feed or watching a movie on a ginormous screen. A projector provides a new way of looking at your shots, and for $1, who can afford not to try this project?

bedroom projector

bedroom projector

5. Creative desk lamp

Here's how to make your dorm room look party-ready and it's boho vibes for days.

Since most college dorms ban traditional candles, use electric EP Light instead.

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