5 Creative DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas

by Vlen Feng
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5 Creative DIY Christmas Decorations Ideas

Looking for creative DIY Christmas Decorations and craft ideas to put up this Christmas, but don’t know where to start? We got you covered! Our holiday craft projects will help you creatively take your home from ho-hum to ho-ho-ho! Get crafting to deck out every area with DIY Christmas decorations that perfectly showcase your personal seasonal style.


1. DIY Christmas Candle holder

I love decorating candle holders. Not only are they relatively easy due to their size (making them perfect for beginning crafters), the peaceful glow just goes so well with the vibe of holidays. Just check out this video tutorial: 


2. DIY Recycled Mini Christmas Tree

So you’re thinking about how to spruce up your home for the holidays but don’t want to break the bank? Why not try a quick decor project on a budget! This mini Xmas tree is such an adorable table decor which is made of abandoned juice bottles and cypress branches in the backyard.



christmas tree string lights




 3. DIY Pinecone Crafts

Scented pinecones are a wonderful use for them, but don’t forget all the great decorative uses of the common every day pinecone, especially for the holidays. This crafting project even gives you room to add onto the tree with additional decorations if you wish.


4.  DIY "Spirited Away" Christmas tree

I had this idea after pruning my Christmas tree and looking at the pruned branches. If you have watched "Spirited Away", then you must be familiar with this Christmas tree.  


5. DIY Crafts Christmas Car Hanging


by Vlen Feng


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