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3D Moon Lamp Buyer’s Guide and Customers Reviews


11:32 Sunday.25 November 2018

These 3d moon lights are a great idea but be warned that they absolutely suck for 3 reasons:

1) The requirement to recharge them daily quickly becomes an annoyance. A simple plug so you could operate it like any other light in the house would go such a long way in improving these for long term use. When you need your globe, it will be dead. Some allow you to operate while plugged in and charging but be warned- they burn out if LEFT plugged in.

2) The “touch” operation is also a boob feature. You’ll not only be getting your fingerprints on the globe it but guests will be knocking on it too, and set your calendar until the fine electronics inside break. Some of these globes really need a wallop to get them to respond at all.

3) No way to replace light, or battery. You’re at their mercy to keep coming back and buying moon globes whenever it decides to quit working. The more features it has, the more apt and sooner that quitting is to happen.

Great idea, but poor design and for that reason destined to become a short term fad. Nice to open and turn on as a gift but be prepared to be disappointed if buying for self.

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