3D Moon Lamp Buyer’s Guide and Customers Reviews

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3D Moon Lamp Buyer’s Guide and Customers Reviews

The moon is a fascinating celestial object, its waxing and waning phases the inspiration for tomes of poetic tribute.It’s no wonder this lamp was such a huge Kickstarter hit.

Moon lamp is a moon night light that looks like the original Moon. It is done by the help of 3D printing technology and some layer by layer stacks to bring the real appearance of the moon. So, when you will hang this lamp in your room, it will exactly look like a moon radiating the dim light all around.

moon lamp

 How To Choose a Moon Lamp?

When you search "Moon Lamp" on Amazon, the price could be quiet variant, range from 10$ to 200$ and above. However, it is hard to deny that price determines quality. 

1. Make sure the Built-in Battery is safe and good-quality

Before you purchase it, don't forget to look for is the built-in safety battery for the lamp. It must be certificated and rechargeable so that you do not have to open and change the battery again and again. You can easily recharge the built-in battery and once fully charged, it can last for many hours.

Here are customers reviews from an Amazon store (moon lamp from 19.99$):

1."... I find it strange that it keeps turning off in the middle of the night and I live alone. So I have a nightlight that doesn't light up for half a night. ..."

moon lamp reviews

2."Very pretty but there is one issue , light will last for less than an hour after full recharging, very disappointed ..."

moon lamp reviews

3.“We can longer charge it as the charging port inside the moon has become detached and rattling around inside. I've added photos of the chip board just sitting at the bottom of the moon.For the price I definitely should have gotten more than 2 months out of this.

moon lamp reviews

2. It's fragile, make sure it is well packed. 

 Currently, the Moon Lamp on the market are made of plastic or PLA, which makes it fragile and must be well packed while shipped.

moon lamp

1. “Omg so annoyed the ceramic hand was broken its annoying for me to have to ship it back. Shipping it back is too much time consuming feel like product should have been package better .

moon lamp reviews

2. “...Unfortunately it is super easy to roll off a table and end up broken on impact with a ceramic floor. I glued it the first time, and then a week later someone knocked it over again. Got about 2 weeks out of it before it was smashed so badly that it's junk. ...

moon lamp reviews

3. Choose Clearest Texture

The moon lamp must have the best and clearest texture otherwise it will not look like a moon at all. There are many 3D lamps that are designed with inaccurate surface design and doesn’t look like the moon or even cannot emit light properly. You need to choose a lamp that is designed accurately based on the images of the NASA and restore the original look and texture of the moon surface. 

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Customer reviews on an Amazon Store (moon lamp from 49.99$) :

"Very pleased with this product. The battery will last continuous two full days without recharge when set to minimum light output. Light output is perfect for nightlight. Most amazing is the detail of the moon surface features and creater impacts. Tycho, Copernicus, South Pole-Aitken Basin etc, all are crystal clear! I am amazed at how long the unit can operated without charging when used at a low level brightness. The color of the light perfectly matches the real thing."

moon lamp reviews

*Alternative to 3D Moon Lamp

moon lamp alternative

Each E.P. Light bulb is made from the best quality of resin, available only in Burma as far as we know. The high-quality, environmentally-safe resin is break-proof and won't break if you drop one of our LED light bulbs. Also, the resin stays cool to the touch and never heats up, even after long hours of emitting beautiful light.

alternative to moon lamp

EPLight Ambient Lighting:

  • Against Dropping
  • Won't be heating
  • Each piece is UNIQUE & 100% HANDMADE
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Cindy Page
Cindy Page

I am looking for a moon lamp about 69cm diameter . Do you have in stock


These 3d moon lights are a great idea but be warned that they absolutely suck for 3 reasons:

1) The requirement to recharge them daily quickly becomes an annoyance. A simple plug so you could operate it like any other light in the house would go such a long way in improving these for long term use. When you need your globe, it will be dead. Some allow you to operate while plugged in and charging but be warned- they burn out if LEFT plugged in.

2) The “touch” operation is also a boob feature. You’ll not only be getting your fingerprints on the globe it but guests will be knocking on it too, and set your calendar until the fine electronics inside break. Some of these globes really need a wallop to get them to respond at all.

3) No way to replace light, or battery. You’re at their mercy to keep coming back and buying moon globes whenever it decides to quit working. The more features it has, the more apt and sooner that quitting is to happen.

Great idea, but poor design and for that reason destined to become a short term fad. Nice to open and turn on as a gift but be prepared to be disappointed if buying for self.

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