2020 Gift Ideas - Cool Christmas Gifts for Children

by Lawrence Ma
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2020 Gift Ideas - Cool Christmas Gifts for Children

It may be difficult for adults to understand children's thoughts. Are you troubled by choosing Christmas gifts for your children? Want to choose the most special gift for your child? When you want cool Christmas gifts to give this year, you’ve come to the right place. 


1. Mini Cotton Candy Maker 

mini cotton candy maker

Almost no child can resist the temptation of candy. This cotton candy machine will make them scream. It makes cotton candy just like the kind you remember getting at the fair or circus, from the comfort of home. 


2. Cosmos Bedside Lamp

nebula bedside lamp

Children are always curious about the mysterious universe and space. This Nebula bedside lamp must be the coolest 2020 Christmas gifts for children. The lamp is made of resin and drop-resistance. The colorful painting inside the bulb is totally hand-drawing by artist.


 3. Cute Cat Ear Headphone

cat ear headphone

You’ll be turning heads left and right with these cute cat ear headphones. Four different light modes let you change the glow of your cat ears and ear cups depending on your mood. Just turn them on, wear the glow, and highlight kid's individuality! 


4. 3D Print Pen

3d print pen

Children's ideas are always wild. Let them draw their own ideas. This 3D Print pen is more interesting than ordinary paintbrushes, which enables children to show their world in 3-dimensional.


 5. LED 7 Color Flashing Face Mask

LED mask

The children will participate in various Christmas parties. Made from high quality, breathable, luminous fabric, this 3D LED Mask is a unique way to accessorize. It features 7 different colors and 4 modes, all controlled with the press of a button.  Whether they‘re planning a social distance gathering and want a fun way to stand out, or just looking for the coolest outfit to walk the dog after dark, this LED mask offers an extra layer of precaution without sacrificing style. Multiple colors make it a versatile accessory designed for both costumes and everyday outfits.



by Lawrence Ma


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