20 Creative Industrial lighting - Lighting Trends 2020

by Vlen Feng
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20 Creative Industrial lighting - Lighting Trends 2020


1. Sconce Steampunk wall bedside light


industrial lighting


Wall lamp in industrial style. Unique steampunk lighting. Handmade gift table lamp for him and the woman. DesignerLight table lamps are the perfect combination of a unique style and soft diffused light. Modern, made of high quality materials (steel, cast iron, bronze, copper) lamps that did not go unnoticed and that cause enthusiasm for life. This lamp adds an element of industrial chic to any space. Put it next to the bed or use to light up the workplace. Ideal for use in halls, corridors, bedrooms and other living spaces. Wall lights are great for extra lighting and perfect for boring corners. 


2. Cursive Linear Pendant 




The Cursive Linear Pendant features an elegant Frosted acrylic form that dances around the hanging rod. The Black metal is offset by the soft ambient light that is diffused from the Frosted lens. Make this artful piece the eye catching piece in your contemporary space.


3. Beaubien industrial lamp


industrial lamp


Lambert & Fils is set to unveil a new collection of sculptural lighting that was inspired by traditional Chinese screens at this year’s ICFF. The Beaubien comes as a floor lamp, wall lamp, and pendent but does away with all of the typical silhouettes they normally come in. Merging an industrial feel with a graphic aesthetic, the lamps are rectangular in shape and outlined in a matte black finish.


 4. WireRing Wall Sconce 


WireRing Wall Sconce


Minimalism like you've never seen before. The WireRing Wall Sconce by FLOS features an entirely unique deconstruction of the classic wall light, consisting of an Aluminum ring supported by a near-invisible, belt-like electric cable. This sculptural silhouette is complemented by a hidden integrated LED light source which shines towards the wall for a haunting blend of light and shadow.


5. Concrete and aluminum lights 


concrete and aluminum lights

Designed by Dror Kaspi of Ardoma Design, are these concrete and aluminum lights that come in two variations, a pendant light, called Split, and a table lamp, called Release.

The design of the partially split concrete cylinder reveals a glowing light from the inside, which was intended to demonstrate the contrast between the roughness of concrete and softness of light.


6. EP LIGHT by EP Designlab


ep light industrial lamp


E.P. Lights are made of high-quality, ultra-clear resin mixed with paint and other colorful fluids to create the signature designs. This mixture is injected into a standard glass light bulb, where it solidifies. Once it hardens, the glass is broken away, leaving a unique, one-of-a-kind light bulb that bridges the gap between art and appliance.


7. Taliesin Table Lamp 


Taliesin Table Lamp


8. Machine Gun Lamp

gun lamp

Unique industrial table lamp-machine gun. Made by hand from steel and cast iron.


9.  3D Whale Lamp

Whale Lamp


10. Self-balanced Dragonfly Lamp


Add a touch of magic and a natural aesthetic to your lighting with the handcrafted Dragonfly Lamp. This self balancing wooden lamp uses the principles of center of mass to keep maintain its balance, allowing it to hover just like its namesake when set on anything solid. The touch controls activate the built-in LED instantly while simultaneously causing the lamp to gently bob up and down— creating a sense of peace and tranquility through motion. Its rechargeable battery means there are no cords to worry about, so you can take your Dragonfly Lamp with you anywhere you need a bit of light and levity.

by Vlen Feng


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