10 Special Lighting Ideas For Summer Balcony

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10 Special Lighting Ideas For Summer Balcony

When decorating a condo or apartment, oftentimes the balcony gets overlooked, but when decorated properly, it can be a charming oasis to enjoy the summer. Enjoy romantic dining outside under the stars, on your balcony space, you can always add a large floor pillow, fancy strip light and romantic candles.

strip light for balcony

how to decorate balcony with string light

Add some bling to your garden this summer with these DIY Spilling Solar Lights. This is a fun and easy project that will make your balcony sparkle at night!

light for balcony

If youre far away from a power source or dont want to fuss about with plugging things in, you can use these solar light strings throughout the evening outside.

string light for summer balcony

cozy balcony decor idea

Beside string lights, candle could be your first choice for enhance the atmosphere of your summer balcony.  If you are worried that the candle will be blown out by the wind, you can choose the LED candle.

Special Lighting Ideas For Summer Balcony

Sometime, you don't need to have too much lights, put some light on green plants to create summer vibe.

lighting ideas for balcony

To add cosmos effect and mysterious elements for your summer balcony or patio, try sometime different - Pollock inspired illuminations.

pollock inspired eplight

eplight bulbs

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