10 Bohemian Home Decor Ideas & Designs

by Vlen Feng
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10 Bohemian Home Decor Ideas & Designs

Bohemian home inspiration is for those you love to fill there homes with life, culture and travel memories. A touch of color and hippie vibes.  


 Bohemian Style  rug


The Loloi Rugs has a beautiful, bohemian appearance that will feel right at home in any cabin, lodge, or similarly styled interior area. Inspired by authentic Southwestern textiles, it’s a celebration of rich colors and antiquated design.Dark, opulent red and tan tones come together on this rug’s soft, multi-textural surface. Viscose - also known as “Art Silk” thanks to its luxuriously soft texture - has been paired with cotton fibers to create a stylish rug with an unforgettably lavish texture.  


 Bohemian Style patio


In this room, the repetition of colors, textures and motifs create a harmonious look, while an asymmetrical yet balanced layout lets the room breathe. 


Bohemian Style dining room


The indoor plants can bring out the bohemian style and enhance the summer vibe.


 bohemian home design

A seating area is warmed up with textiles in reds and oranges, while the bright greens from the plants provide a bit of contrast and tension. 


Urban Bohemian style

If you want to keep a low profile, black & white fabric can also create a bohemian style.


family home


Family Home Design By Gabriella Khalil A Philadelphia native, Gabriella went on to use her art expertise and passion for interiors to set up her design journal and studio.


Bohemian lamp


100% Handmade Lamp, provides stunning ambient illumination and creative style to any Bohemian decor. Each bulb is individually handcrafted with eco-friendly, drop-resistant resin that’s crystal clear and never hot to the touch. No matter where you display it, this rich, radiant art piece makes a bold, artistic statement that effortlessly enhances the atmosphere of your space. SHOP NOW >>


Bohemian home


Inspired by endless skies, deep oceans and incredible mountain peaks, our new home designs handmade from different techniques and vibrant colors bring the uniqueness to Early Hours collection. Good for both floor and wall, these rugs will definitely add a chic bohemian look to any room. The mixture of different sewing techniques provides these designs of several textures and thicknesses, featuring stripes and fringes on a canvas simulating the sky, clouds and the early air.  


Bohemian patio


The bohemian terrace makes you feel as if you are on vacation in Turkey.


Bohemian room


Could you imagine having such a cozy hideaway in your own home?! We'd never want to leave!

by Vlen Feng


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