10 Best Nursery Lamp Ideas and Buyer Guide

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10 Best Nursery Lamp Ideas and Buyer Guide

Lighting is an important element of design, but when it comes to getting it right, most moms are left in the dark. Join us as we explore everything you need to know about nursery lamp. Use the list below to navigate to your preferred section or start reading from top to bottom, it's all great information!

1. Zoo Theme Lamp

zoo lamp

 This is the most adorable night light we've ever seen. The best part? It's the perfect night light to chase away nightmares and inspire dreams of fields. Your little one will feel at ease staring at such a cute character.

2. Jerryfish Pendant Lamp

Jerryfish lamp for nursery

 This night light looks just like a jerryfish. Comfort kids who are afraid of the dark. It is a given that you will face broken sleep with a new baby in the house. While the midnight trips to the baby crib may be unavoidable, a soft night light can make it easier for you to return to sleep.

3. Star Night Light 

nursery lamp

 Add a burst of magic to your kid's nighttime routine with this globe-shaped night light that projects a starry scene onto the ceiling and surrounding walls. Plus, late-night sleepover chitchat is way more fun under

4. Pink Lamp Shade with Roses For Baby Girl

nursery lamp

The Personalized Monogram Pink Lamp Shade with Roses is personalized with dainty roses to reflect your little girl's initial! This bell-shaped scalloped shade is made of the finest pink Dupioni silk and trimmed with stunning pink Mulberry paper roses. 

5. Plug in Night Light 

bird plug in lamp

When you think of a night light chances are that the plug in variety will spring to mind. Plugin in night lights have been a tried and tested favorite for many years.

Many modern plug in night lights come with built in sensors. Daylight sensors switch the night light on as soon as the room turns dark while motion sensors will turn the night light on when you walk past.

6. Flower Table Lamp

flower lamp for kids

Natural light is a beautiful thing - unless is it’s providing a premature wake up call. Keeping your nursery dark and cool will not only help your baby sleep longer, but will also prevent overheating - a contributing factor associated with SIDS.  

The EPlight blue hydrangea nursery lamp provides soft and gentle light, it's not hot to touch, against dropping, made from natural resin safe for kids and children.

7. Portable Battery LED Lamp

battery lamp for nursery

With our baby night light in a form of a raccoon, your kid will fall asleep quietly. In this night lamp, we use high-quality plywood and led lights to make our kids night light attractive, gentle, and eye-catching. This lamp works on the simple batteries, which is very convenient because you can place it anywhere you want. 

8. 3D Print Moon Lamp

Moon Lamp

 IDEAcone moon luna night light/desk lamp/floor lamp is designed to enlight your house with the most beautiful shine of light. It's ideal for use as nursery light, kids night light, kids decoration light, and reading lamp.

9.Soft Night Lights 

nursery lamp

Raise your hand if you had one of these as a kid! Yep, this classic soother is still shining on to help a new generation of kids go to sleep. Pick a mode — light-only, 10 minutes of music and light, or a short lullaby and light — and Glo is ready for a  sleepover with your baby.


* 10. Special recommend - Lucky Bird Lamp

A soft glow makes any room seem warm and inviting, but that’s not the only reason to keep things cozy. Soft lighting reduces the contrast between light and dark, preventing over-stimulation and giving baby’s undeveloped eyes a much-needed rest. 

This Lucky Bird Lamp is equipped with sensors, the induction distance is within 4 meters. The light will power off 20 seconds later after people leave.


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