10 Best Lighting for Small Apartment & Small Spaces

by Vlen Feng
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10 Best Lighting for Small Apartment & Small Spaces

Small spaces and apartments come with their own set of challenges—strict landlords, low ceilings, or just a lack of surface area.  The way you play with light in any room can be the thing that takes it from an ordinary space to an extraordinary one. And in some ways, this is even more important when you're short on space.

Personal touches are what makes an apartment feel like home, so go with what feels right, and keep these small apartment lighting ideas in mind while you shop. 


1. Linear lighting profile for LED modules 

wall lamp

Lighting system in the recessed or suspension/wall/ceiling version made of extruded aluminum colored in white and fasteners and junctions of galvanized sheet metal.  It visually enlarges the space. Ideal for small apartments and condos.


2. Multitask with Track Lights

Multitask with Track Lights

Track lighting is one of the most effective small living room lighting ideas. It provides surface lighting or accent lighting without the need for too many floor and table lamps. The many heads on track light fixtures allow you to deliberately direct light toward whatever surfaces or objects you want to highlight. 


3. Abstract Style Table Lamp

This abstract style LED bulb is called EP LIGHT, designed by EP Designlab.  Their collection of mesmerizing, LED light fixtures feature strong creative influences from legendary artist Jackson Pollock— resulting in a gorgeous and unique piece of ambient lighting that will transform your small spaces with abstract expressionist style. It's only 29 $


4. Mirror Lamp

mirror lamp modern

Mirrors and other reflective surfaces can double, or even triple, the reach of your natural light. And by hanging mirrors strategically, you’ll extend sunlight into (almost) any corner.


5.Lighting corners

floor lamp

When deciding how to light a room with floor lamps, consider your corners. Lighting corners is a great design tip for any space, but is especially handy for when you want a room to look bigger. Corners have a way of receding into darkness, giving the impression of a more closed-in space.

With a floor lamp placed in a corner, you light both walls and the ceiling, maximizing the amount of light that bounces back into the room.

by Vlen Feng


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