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— Light Source: White; 
— Bulb Color: Mixed ; 
— Materials : Resin ; 
— 3W LED 
— Individually Handcrafted 
— Over 100,000 Hour Working Life 
— Highest Quality, Eco-Friendly Resin Construction 
— Durable + Drop Resistant 
— Never Hot To The Touch 
— Suitable For Indoor + Outdoor Use 
— Input: 95 ~ 240 V 
— Screw Mouth: E27- E26 
— Requires 63% Less Energy Than Traditional Bulbs 


*AttentionPlease note that each E.P. Light is unique and can be quite different. The actual color and paint curves inside each hand-made design are totally random and unique, since every E.P. Light we create is an original work of art.

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