Illuminate your outdoor spaces with the enchanting glow of the Solar Powered Hydrangea Pathway Light. Perfect for patios, decks, lawns, pools, and gardens, this exquisite light combines beauty and functionality to enhance any outdoor setting.

Crafted to resemble a vibrant hydrangea, the pathway light adds a touch of elegance and charm to your pathways and walkways. The solar-powered design ensures eco-friendly operation, charging during the day and automatically lighting up at dusk.

Made with durable, weather-resistant materials, it withstands various outdoor conditions, providing reliable performance year-round. The easy installation process requires no wiring, allowing you to effortlessly place the light wherever you desire.

— Eco-Friendly Efficient Solar Charging
— Smart Automatic Fungnality
— Durable & lP65 Weatherproof
— Simple Installation 

— Product Weight: 0.5 lb 

— Dimension: 8" W x8" D x 30.7" H

— Material:  Non-woven fabric, stainless steel

2-Pack Solar Powered Hydrangea Pathway Light

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