This  Splash Mirror is a functional wall lamp and mirror, but is also a work of art. This unique piece features a circular mirror framed by a ring of acrylic splashes, creating a stunning visual effect that doubles as a work of art. Perfect for any space, it can be used as a bathroom mirror, a bedroom decor, or even a statement piece in your living room. Choose from 3000k - 6000K warm light to white light. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind piece that blends form and function in perfect harmony!


Dimension:  18.5"L x 6.3"W x 18.5"H (small) / 26"L x 8"W x 26"H ( Large)

Weight: 5.9 lb / 15 lb

Materials: Stainless steel, Acrylic

Power: 110V

Watts: 9W / 11 W

Backlit Splash Mirror

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